Dig In

Community Gatherings

During the growing season (April – October) the Gathering Garden holds bi-monthly community workdays, which are open to everyone. 

What to expect: We encourage anyone of any background or skill level to join. No gardening experience necessary! Eat a good breakfast and show up ready to get dirty and take part in all manner of gardening activities. There is no minimum time commitment. Anyone can swing by for as little or as much time as you want and choose from a variety of activities ranging from easy to sometimes vigorous.

CSA Workshare Program

The Gathering Garden CSA Workshare Program is a great opportunity to get your hands in the dirt, do something good for the community, and receive a weekly share of produce.  In exchange for time and energy helping with garden work throughout the growing season, each person or couple can reap the rewards of eating healthy local produce that they helped grow.  This program is created for all people with all levels of gardening experience, from novice to “old-hand.”  It is a guided experience with opportunities to learn different organic gardening and sustainability practices.

To participate send an e-mail by April 15th in the CSA Workshare to gatheringgarden@kealliance.org

Outdoor Art

We encourage creative expression in all forms at the garden.  Here are a few of the art installations we incorporate into the growing of things. 

A Quiet Spot

The garden is open at all times. We encourage people to take a walk through the garden, meditate, or simply bring your lunch to enjoy on one of our picnic tables in the shade.

Steering Committee

If the Steering Committee interests you, send us an e-mail to find out when and where the next gathering will take place. No need to commit just yet, you can join the conversation to see if it is the right fit before sharing any responsibilities.

The Steering Committee gathers to:

– Identify garden needs (soil, habitat, maintenance, restoration, conservation, etc.)

– Strategize outreach opportunities to engage with broader segments of the community

– Plan and execute an annual fundraiser

– Increase our impact through our mission, vision, and goals

– Share laughter, stories, life experience, ideas, and delicious meals!